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Growth Hacker Marketing

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Growth Hacker Marketing

Growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business.

Growth Hacker marketing is constantly changing, the key to marketing for quantifiable growth involves a small number of tools and a lot of testing.

Growth Hacking is more than just the tactics, it is a continuous process that never stops to iterate. Each step within the growth hacking marketing process, requires figuring out the key data points to be managed and optimized, what the key drivers are for each, and religiously A/B test for improvement.

Growth Hacking is more than just the tactics

The term, and the discipline of “Growth Hacking” is a relatively new one, and has yet to permeate the consciousness of many business owners – especially those outside of the tech startup world.

True growth marketing in principle is about knowing how to apply growth hacks and track their success within the customer lifecycle: (i) acquisition; (ii) engagement; (iii) purchase; (iv) retention; and (v) referral.

Hacking Definition: What is Growth Hacking?

Each step within the growth hacking process, requires figuring out the key data points to be managed and optimized. Figure out what the key drivers are for each, and religiously A/B test and improve along the way. Growth hacking is a never ending process, that continues to iterate in a virtuous cycle over time.

Growth hacking and marketing share the same fundamental principles, and can even share the same metrics; increased engagement, increased conversion, increased retention. The key difference between the two is the scope of their goals.

In fact, far from being separate entities, growth hacking and digital marketing are intrinsically linked.

growth hacks for startups

Growth hacking has become such a highly-demanded discipline for startups

Successful growth marketing is no longer just about sustainable growth and acquiring customers. Today, savvy growth hackers understand its also about retention and customer lifetime value (LTV). Once you understand customer value, you can begin to identify the biggest opportunities across the full customer journey and scale up for hyper-growth.





It’s crucial to understand one thing—What worked for someone else may or may not work for you.

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